I read JD Dillon’s post on 2018 resolutions for L&D folk. I can’t even begin to say enough AMENS to two items in particular.

JD’s #4: Strategic lunches. YESSSSSSSSSS! I always mean to do this. I routinely miss. I have so many peers that I need to spend more time with building a network. Why don’t I do this? 5 whys analysis:

  1. Too busy. Overwhelmed.
  2. I have too many allergies.
  3. I prefer to work through lunch.
  4. I fail to plan such meetings.
  5. What would I talk about?

I set an intention to meet/lunch with 2 peers by end of MQ.


JD’s #5: Spend time with Operations. THIS! This! It has been on my to-do list for a year. With the launch of Behaviors, I have the perfect reason to do this. I just need to make time and pick someone to hang out with.

I set an intention to do practice Behaviors on a new hire by end of April 2017.

There. I have the start of a plan.

Webinar on Omni-Channel

Reflection on Tackling the Omni-channel Training Approach at One of the Worlds Largest Supermarkets, Carrefour webinar.

I was intrigued by “omni-channel” in the title of this webinar. I thought, what does that mean??? The webinar was presented by Brandon Hall, whose webinar I tend to enjoy. They go deeper into the topic and present a more thorough–often research-based–view. I find many webinars skim the surface.

I was pleased to learn that the impressive omni-channel refers to multiple delivery methods. Specifically for Carrefour, ILT, mobile JIT, and informal learning. We totally do all these! We are omni-channel! It’s about meeting the customer (learner) where they need and via the experience (media) that fits the job. Job being both the learner’s work and the training’s purpose.

Perhaps my biggest takeaway was that Carrefour (an international grocery chain based in France) saw creating digital literacy among their employees as one of their responsibilities. This is a very different mindset from my USA experience of here are the new tools, adapt or die. Work has a new mobile service management tool coming to technicians across the world late 2018. This mission of Carrefour’s is making me craft a different, more supportive approach to the rollout. North American technicians are already using a mobile app so for them, the change delta is smaller. For RoW (rest of world), they are moving from emails, laptops, and paper–making the change delta large! We need to do a better job of supporting RoW.

The presenter also mentioned how they make their trainers change agents and make sure they are savvy first. I need to do that differently too next time. In general, I think we could ramp up communication and time focused on our customers (the learners). Time gets the best of us. Suddenly, without trying, team members have been traveling and training and don’t know about the latest whatever.

I felt energized by this webinar! It helped me out with another project that I will outline in a future post.